Monday, July 24, 2006

Gundam F-91

I decided to start where my interests lie, because after all, that is where my ultimate drive is. Recently I have been drawn to a few computer 3D software that pretty much lets you create anything you can imagine and best of all, give it life when you animate it. I thought," this is really cool!"

I have always been a big fan of Gundam, and if you are 30+ who still think you are a kid, you know what Gundam is. I have started with 3 of my favorite Gundams of them all, F-91, GP-02 and Strike. This is hardly my creation, I am just trying to bring to life some of my favorite robots.

These robots are being made with a few guide-lines I have set for myself. First of all they have to be light enough to be animated with ease. Secondly I have to try and make them as non-toyish as possible given the first objective.


This prototype machine, created by the military research institute SNRI, is the latest product of the Federation Forces' miniaturized mobile suit development program. The F91's capabilities exceed those of any contemporary mobile suit, but its full potential can only be expressed with a Newtype pilot at the controls. In its high-performance mode, the F91's face mask opens to help cool the bio-computer installed in its head, ventilator fins are deployed from its shoulders, and it can dissipate excess heat via the Metal Peel-off Effect. Thanks to its high generator output the F91 can drive multiple beam weapons, including a beam rifle, a beam shield, and a pair of powerful Variable-Speed Beam Rifle (VSBR) units.

Tech Specs

Head height: 15.2 meters
Base weight: 7.8 tons
Full weight: 19.9 tons
Generator: 4250 kW
Thrusters: 88,400 kg
Apogee motors: 51 (8)
Armormaterials: Gundarium alloy ceramic composite
Armament: vulcan gun x 2mega machine cannon x 2VSBR x 2beam shieldbeam saber x 2beam riflebeam launcher
Pilot: Seabook Arno

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