Saturday, August 12, 2006

gundam physallis 試作2號機


The Gundam GP02A, codenamed "Physalis," is a prototype mobile suit created as part of the Federation's Gundam Development Project। Based on the One Year War's mightiest mobile suit, the RX-78 Gundam, it's armed with the modern era's most destructive weapon - a strategic nuclear warhead. Due to the relatively short firing range of its atomic bazooka, the GP02A is protected by heat- and shock-resistant armor, and its huge shield houses a powerful cooling system. Its nuclear capabilities aside, the GP02A is also a high-performance mobile suit in its own right, easily able to hold its own in close combat. When Delaz Fleet ace pilot Anavel Gato steals this nuclear-capable Gundam, the safety of the entire Earth Federation is threatened.

Tech Specs

Head height: 18.5 meters
Base weight: 54.5 tons
Full weight: 83.0 tons
Generator: 1860 kW
Thrusters: 155,200 kg
180° turn: 1 seconds
Armormaterials: Luna Titanium alloy
Armament: 60mm vulcan gun x 2, beam saber x 2, atomic bazooka
Pilot: Anavel Gato

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