Thursday, August 24, 2006



MK II is one of my favorites, out of all the Gundams it's design comes across as being muscular yet agile, a very cool machine. i have modeled the whole thing but am just starting on the texturing process which i belive will take a while before it's good enough to be published.

Wow, have I really put this off this long? it's been about a year since I finished modeling the head...where did time go?

Anyway I just finished modeling the rest of the body and have started texturing which is more fun because I feel that at this stage the model is starting to come to life and become interesting. I have pretty much finished modeling all of my favorite MS's with the exception of GP-03, Z and ZZ Gundam.


This prototype mobile suit was developed by the Titans at the Gryps space colony. Based on the legendary RX-78 Gundam, the Mk.II inherits its predecessor's high performance and remarkable potential, although it suffers from a few lingering design flaws - notably, its obsolete armor materials. On the other hand, the Mk.II also introduces the radical new "movable frame" design concept, giving it superb maneuverability. All three prototype units are captured by the AEUG resistance group during their raid on the Titans' headquarters. The rebels keep one in service, replacing its sinister "Titans colors" with a more heroic white and blue scheme, and eagerly dissect the other two in order to learn their technological secrets.

Tech Specs

Head height: 18.5 meters
Base weight: 33.4 tons
Full weight: 54.1 tons
Generator: 1930 kW
Thrusters: 81,200 kg
Verniers: 10
Sensor radius: 11,300 meters
Armormaterials: titanium alloy ceramic composite
Armament: beam saber x2,

beam rifle, vulcan pod system (optional), 360mm hyper bazooka (optional)
Pilots: Kamille Bidan Emma Sheen

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