Friday, March 14, 2008

Neo Genesis Climber Mospeada

going to keep posting wip's (work in progress) on this bad boy. have started to get interesting as details are being added here and there. this is an interesting project as i am working on the man, the armored suit and the transformable Mospeada (the Motorbike) all on the same go.
the man is still a giant compared to the bike. will have to shrink him down considerably.

started on this Mospeada few days ago using the 1/12 model kit from Aoshima as a reference. Just going to block out all the parts of the machine and fine tune the details as I go along. A problem I have encountered is the issue with proportion: The human needs to be unproportionately big in relation to the bike in order to be able to carry the transformed bike properly. The proportion is so out of whack its kind of like an adult riding a toy bike he just bought for his 5 year old son.

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