Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gundam RX-78-2


The one that started it all, the original Gundam RX-78, piloted by 16 year-old Amuro Ray. The show went on air in the late 70's and made history.

This guy is now 5000+ polys without weapons, very light.

Although RX-78 has more than a handful of variations, I tried to stick with the old school design, the very first one which appeared on the first Gundam TV series in the 70's। Have had to make a few adjustments and compromises (mostly in joints) in preparation for animation.


The Gundam is one of three prototype mobile suits secretly developed by the embattled Earth Federation. After suffering tremendous losses to Zeon's mobile suits earlier in the war, the Federation set out to create its own, using the very latest advanced technology. The Gundam is the most successful of these prototypes, a close-combat mobile suit protected by tough Luna Titanium armor, and armed with both lethal beam sabers and a devastating beam rifle as powerful as a battleship cannon. It's also equipped with an advanced computer which learns from its pilot, ultimately enabling it to operate the Gundam automatically. In the hands of accidental pilot Amuro Ray, this one prototype mobile suit proves to be the equal of any Zeon weapon.

Technical Spec's

Head height:18.0 meters
Base weight:43.4 tons
Full weight:60.0 tons
Generator:1380 kW
Thrusters:55,500 kg
180° turn:1.5 seconds
Sensor radius:5700 meters
Armormaterials:Luna Titanium alloy
Armament:60mm vulcan gun x 2beam saber x 2beam riflehyper bazookabeam javelinGundam hammerhyper hammer
Pilot:Amuro Ray

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