Saturday, March 10, 2007

Beautiful Sazabi!


Sazabi, piloted by Char Aznable, appeared in Char's Counter Attack OVA, is definitely one of my favorite MS's of them all. This is done in Maya 8, rendered in color and occlusion and finally composited in Photoshop.

As with my previous models I am also aiming at low-poly on this one, so far it has just a tag bit over 10k without weapons, I feel I have gone over-board by over-defining the curved objects. With weapons this guy might get to around 15k.


This unique mobile suit was secretly produced by Anaheim Electronics, for the personal use of Neo Zeon leader Char Aznable. The Sazabi's lightweight armor materials and numerous maneuvering verniers make it very agile despite its bulk, and its responsiveness is further enhanced by Neo Zeon's revolutionary psyco-frame technology. In addition to its complement of remote-controlled funnels, the Sazabi's major weapons include a built-in mega particle cannon, a powerful beam tomahawk, and a unique beam shot rifle with separate barrels for firing tightly-focused beams and scattershot blasts.

Tech Specs

Head height: 23.0 meters
Base weight: 30.5 tons
Full weight: 71.2 tons
Generator: 3960 kW
Thrusters: 133,000 kg
Apogee motors: 28
Sensor radius: 22,600 meters
Armormaterials: Gundarium alloy
Armament: mega particle cannonbeam saber x 2funnel x 6beam shot riflebeam tomahawkmissile x 3
Pilot: Char Aznable


Damoc said...

Hi kornholio!
Thanks for the comment on CGTalk ;)
For a low poly, your Sazabi looks very good :D. I belive that texturing was the magic that make it look so good ;)
I'll try to make my Sazabi more low-poly, because I would also like to make a short action-movie :D

I really loved your RX-78 GP-01. It looks great !!!

kornholio said...

Thank you Damoc for your kind words! You know it was your Sazabi that inspired me to get working on mine. Are you finished with yours yet?? I would love to see it in action!