Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nu Gundam

Another MS from "Char's Counter Attack", I was hoping to do a short (few seconds) with RX-93 (pictured) and Sazabi duking it out.
The Nu Gundam is the latest in the Earth Federation's line of Gundam mobile suits, developed by Anaheim Electronics from a design by ace pilot Amuro Ray. Relatively simple in design, its major distinguishing feature is the set of six fin funnels mounted on its back. These remote weapons not only house powerful mega particle cannons, but can also generate a protective barrier around the Gundam itself, thus increasing both its offensive and defensive abilities. Anaheim's engineers also equipped the Nu Gundam with a psyco-frame, whose microscopic psycommu receivers enable the mobile suit to respond instantly to the pilot's thoughts.
Tech Specs

Head height: 22.0 meters
Base weight: 27.9 tons
Full weight: 63.0 tons
Generator: 2980 kW
Thrusters: 97,800 kg
Apogee motors: 26
Sensor radius: 21,300 meters
Armormaterials: Gundarium alloy
Armament: vulcan gun x 2beam saber x 2beam riflehyper bazookabeam cannonmissile x 4fin funnel x 6
Pilot: Amuro Ray

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